Make sure you have the minimum system requirements:

  • A steady connection to the internet, either Wi-Fi or cable.
  • Microphone and headset to talk with the teacher during the lesson.

A few more tips
  • The system best works on a desktop, laptop or tablet that runs on Android.
  • The best browser to use is Google Chrome, other browsers may cause problems.
    Download chrome browser
  • We recommend using Windows 7 and up.

You have three vouchers for private lessons

  1. When you book a lesson, you will be charged one voucher.
  2. When the lesson is over, you will be reimbursed with a new voucher.
  3. You can schedule up to two lessons per week, but only one lesson per day (as long as you have enough vouchers). For example, if you book a lesson for Monday you can't schedule another one that day, but you can for any other day.
And what happens if you need to cancel a lesson?

  1. If you cancel 24 hours or more in advance, your voucher will be reimbursed.
  2. If you cancel the lesson between 24 and 8 hours in advance, you will forfeit one voucher.
  3. If you cancel less than 8 hours before the lesson, you will forfeit one voucher, and will also get a warning. If you receive two warnings, you will be blocked from the system for two weeks.
  • Why do we block you from further use? Because you made the teacher come to an empty classroom! In addition, you denied other students who wanted a lesson from having one. You must respect the teacher's time and the time of other students just as you would want others to respect you.
  • If you cancel two lessons in a period of less the 8 hours, you will forfeit two vouchers and will be denied access to the system for two weeks. That being said, you will still be able to log in to get help with your homework.
  • Lessons that were booked prior to the block will take place as usual.
Remember: failing to come to a lesson without advanced notice = blocked from the system for two weeks!

  • You can log in with your cellphone only to book a private lesson.
  • The lesson or homework help must occur on a computer or tablet.
  • Press the button for Log-in תמונת כפתור ההתחברות

Private lesson

  1. Select the subject you wish to get help in, for example, 10th grade math.
  2. In the type of lesson select private lesson.
  3. Click on "search lesson". הזמנת שיעור פרטי
  4. Pick a teacher and click on "Schedule lesson". הזמנת שיעור פרטי
  5. The days that the teacher has availability will appear on the calendar. Select the time slot that best suits you and press next. הזמנת שיעור פרטי
  6. To book the lesson you will need to redeem one voucher. Press on the voucher and you will be brought to the next page. הזמנת שיעור פרטי
  7. Specify what you would like to focus on in your lesson, and confirm your details. הזמנת שיעור פרטי
  8. On the summary page, please confirm that your final booking information is correct and press Confirm Booking. הזמנת שיעור פרטי The lesson will now appear in your account.

There could be several reasons why you can't book a private lesson:

  • You no longer have any vouchers - the system gives you three vouchers with which you can book three lessons. Every time you book a lesson, one voucher will be redeemed. Only after the lesson will you be reimbursed. Check the upper left corner of your screen to see how many vouchers you have. תמונה של מספר השוברים שברשותכם - כאשר אין לכם שוברים
  • You doubled booked lessons on the same day - check in "my lessons" to make sure you do not already have a lesson scheduled for that day.

ASAP Homework Help

  1. Select the subject you wish to get help in, for example, 10th grade math.
  2. In the type of lesson, select ASAP Homework Help.
  3. Click on "search lesson". הזמנת שיעור פרטי
  4. If there is an active teacher giving help with homework click on enter queue. הזמנת שיעור פרטי
  5. On the waiting page you can see your number in the queue.
    Remember moving up in the queue is automatic! Refreshing the page will push you back down the line. הזמנת שיעור פרטי
  6. When your turn arrives, you will have 60 seconds to click on the link to connect you to the virtual classroom.
    If you don’t click in time, you will lose your turn. In the virtual classroom you can ask the teacher questions, see their explanations on the board, and solve problems yourself. הזמנת שיעור פרטי After the lesson, you can rate the teacher and write feedback so other students can know what you think.

There could be several reasons why you can't get help with homework:

  • The system is offline - you can only receive help between the hours of 16:00-21:00.
  • It's almost closing time and the queue is too long - if there are too many students waiting and it's almost 21:00, the system will not let you join the line. You can always try the next day.

My Lessons

צילום מסך השיעורים שלי
  1. Booked lessons: this section consists of all scheduled private lessons, including the teacher's name, the date, and time. 10 minutes before a lesson begins, a green button will appear. Click on it to enter the classroom.
  2. Cancelled lessons: the lessons you have cancelled will show in pink. Lessons can be cancelled 24 hours or more before the scheduled time.
  3. Calendar: dates with a scheduled lesson will be marked on your calendar.
  4. My Teachers: did you like a teacher you studied with? Want to learn with them again? You can easily find them in this list.
  5. Your vouchers: how many vouchers are available for you to book a lesson.
  6. My Profile: click here to edit your personal account details.
Lessons should be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Canceling less than 24 hours beforehand will cause you to forfeit a voucher.

ביטול שיעור
  1. To cancel a lesson, click on the in the lesson block.
  2. Confirm by clicking "Cancel Lesson". If you change your mind, click "Back".
The lesson will still appear in "My Lessons", but will now be in pink.

The Virtual Classroom

You must log in to the website in order to enter the Virtual Classroom.

If you cannot hear the other participants, there may be a problem with your computer or speakers.

  1. Make sure that the speakers are connected and that the volume is not too low. You can use another website, like YouTube, to check the sound. הגברת עוצמת השמע במחשב
  2. Refresh the page, then check the sound. Refresh the page
  3. Close the browser completely. Log back in and check the sound again.
  4. Restart the computer and check the sound again.
  1. Close all windows and tabs except for the Virtual Classroom and refresh the page. רענון העמוד
  2. Turn up the volume on the speakers.
  3. Turn up the volume on the computer. הגברת עוצמת השמע במחשב
  4. Turn up the browser volume in the sound control panel. הגברת עוצמת השמע של הדפדפן במחשב
The connection is probably unstable. Try to be closer to the router, or use a cable to connect to the internet.
  1. Check the microphone's permissions. The microphone icon should be orange or green. אייקון מיקרופון כתום
  2. Press "Allow" when the request to use your microphone appears. אישורים והגדרות בדפדפן כרום
  3. Check that the microphone is compatible with your computer. Some computers have one port for both the microphone and headset, while others have two separate ports.
  4. Check that the microphone is not on mute.
  5. On the computer, check that the microphone setting is not on mute (in "Recording devices" settings).
  6. If the microphone is still not working, right click the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen and select "Recording Devices". בחירת התקני הקלטה In the Recording tab, select "Properties". לחצן אפשרויות התקני הקלטה Open the Levels tab and turn up the microphone volume. שינוי עוצמת התקני שמע וקלט
  7. If it is still not working, choose a different microphone from the list. בחירת המיקרופון מרשימה
תפריט בחלון השיעור
  1. To upload a file/photo, click on the blue arrow. חץ כחול בתפריט
  2. To save the virtual board at the end of a lesson, click the blue square (floppy disk). אייקון דיסק בתפריט
  3. To write, click one of the pencils. אייקון עיפרון בתפריט
  4. To ask the teacher for permission to speak, click the hand. אייקון יד בתפריט
  5. To speak, click the microphone on the toolbar above the virtual board. Make sure it is either on orange or green. אייקון מיקרופון בתפריט